My 30+ top of what to see and do in Albania

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We made  2 weeks itinerary in Albania in  September 2017.

I have no idea how countries like Albania get their reputation, but it can not be further from the truth. We loved the mountains, we loved the sea, we loved everything. Yes they have to work on their infrastructure, but they are trying. Here is my personal favorites from our trip.

1. Komani Lake

This is the best experience we had in Albania. You go with the ferry on this long and artificially created lake and fiord.

2. Blue EyeTheth

A crystal light blue water near Theth Village

3. Osumi Canion

4. Berat

5. Theth village

6. SH20

7. Leqet e Hotit Mountain pass

8. Gjipe beach

9. Stone formation Theth

10. Blue Eye Sarande

11. Llogara pass

12. Kakove beach

13. Castle of Gjirokaster

14. Erzen canyon

15. Vlore beach

16. Dajti chair lift

17. Ksamil beach

18. Theth Church

19. Kruje Castle

20. Bunk’Art

21. Bogoves Waterfall

22. Highway in the mountains

23. Village of Gjirokaster

24. Blue lake to the highway

25. Butrint

26. Valbone

27. Dhermi beach

28. Tirana mosque

29. Skanderberg square

30. Kukes lake

31. Pyramid of Tirana

32. bridge to the monastery

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