10+ Romanian villages to visit

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Time stood still for some places in Romania. Where the life is the same for the last centuries,  where  technology is a word without meaning and where tradition is keep by the wish of the people or by the lack of other possibilities. The view, the people and the vibe it is always special in this places.

If you had to visit one place in order to understand Romania as a country, I suggest heading out for one of the villages. True value of this country lies in the should of people that hasn’t changed in the face of adversity. No regime, not poverty, no technological challenge, no war can change the profound  beauty of these places and its people.

  1. Magura and Pestera (Brasov)

There 2 villages are settled on hill between Bucegi and Piatra Craiului Mountains. I call them the 360 degrees villages. Everywhere you look, you are surrounded bu mountains and natural beauty.

  1. Viscri (Brasov)

Viscri is a place that decided to make time work for it. No place in Romania has achieved so stubbornly to keep the traditions intact, despite the fact that is visited by more than 40000 people.

  1. Rimetea
  2. Sfantu Gheorghe (Tulcea)
  3. Biertan
  4. Corund
  5. Rosia Montana

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